May 17, 2021

“No greater place to be than in a leadership position to lead young minds to prosperity.”
-Darrius Garrett

Remember your first summer job? As an economic development professional, I believe in the power of work to change lives, not just because of its economic value, but because of the purpose it brings to people’s lives. Teaching young adults the value of work is everyone’s responsibility. Parents, employers, and workforce organizations must collaborate more than ever to make sure that we connect young people to the opportunity to work.

The value to the economy could be exponential as restaurants and other hospitality businesses open after a year where those opportunities went doormat. This not only helps these businesses, but normalizes the job market and allows more experienced workers to seek career-oriented, non-seasonal employment in manufacturing and service businesses in dire need of good people.

The mission this week is to help someone get connected to a job opportunity. Connect with your local non-profit organization, call the county employment office or reach out to your community economic development organization to see how you can connect young people to work. Volunteer to help them either as an employer or be a source to people in your orbit that could work, but may not be aware of the opportunities.

There is help for businesses and young people seeking a job for the coming months. In Ohio, a great source is www.ohiomeansjobs.com.
​​​​-Kenny McDonald