June 3, 2019

“Problems don’t shrink when you think about them. They grow.”
-Rick Warren

As we think about the next decade, now just seven months away, we wonder what challenges we will face. What is the future of technology, globalization, and the industries that make up our tax base and employ people in our communities?

More importantly, what strategies will we deploy to retain, attract and create businesses in our region?

  1. We will focus on serving clients with excellence.
  2. We will analyze data and we will talk to real business and civic leaders to greater understand our problems.
  3. We will do our best to do things intelligently and do the right thing.
  4. We will take action and problem solve on a daily basis.
  5. We will not pause to admire our problems or constantly debate and re-debate issues.
  6. We will make mistakes along the way and we will have to change tactics constantly, but we will strive to get farther faster by doing so.

Let’s have a great week.

-Kenny McDonald


One Columbus Update

  • This week, our team is meeting with companies in Italy, Germany and the Netherlands.
  • This Wednesday is the CBUS 19 Retail conference bringing together industry experts from all retail disciplines at the Greater Columbus Convention Center.
  • We are hosting national and international companies that are evaluating the Columbus Region.