Meet One Columbus

As the economic development organization for the 11-county Columbus Region, we work with local and state partners to serve as the business location resource for companies across the Region and around the world as they grow, innovate and compete within the global economy.

10-year goals



$3.3 billion


$10 billion


Choose the A-team

Nationally-recognized efforts

One Columbus has won the Mac Conway Award, recognizing economic development groups who excel at attracting capital investment, five years in a row.

Proven and visible results

Our work resulted in the Columbus Region being listed No. 9 on Site Selection magazine’s “Top 10 Metro Areas” list in 2021.

Talented and connected

Our team is comprised of award-winning individuals who are at the top of their respective fields, resulting in a driven and experienced economic development powerhouse.

Highly-regarded team

In 2020, the One Columbus team was ranked No. 2 in the nation as a best-in-class regional economic development agency by the Winning Strategies in Economic Development Marketing survey.

Our vision

One Columbus has set forth a shared vision for the Columbus Region to be the most prosperous in the United States.

Prosperity defined: The social and economic advancement of all residents within the Columbus Region.

10-year goals: 60,000 new jobs, $3.3 billion new payroll, $10 billion new investment

History of success

Our experienced team has worked with hundreds of companies and helped to secure over $10 billion in capital investment, over 50,000 direct jobs and more than $2 billion of new payroll across the Columbus Region.





How we’re funded

More than 300 private, public and academic institutions have invested in the One Columbus strategy for regional growth and prosperity. Our investors enable One Columbus to continue working toward the vision to make Columbus the most prosperous region in the U.S. Funding supports our national marketing campaigns, existing industry support, new business recruitment, community development and workforce development strategies.


The One Columbus mission is to lead a comprehensive regional growth strategy that develops and attracts the world’s most competitive companies, grows a highly adaptive workforce, prepares our communities for the future, and inspires corporate, academic and public innovation throughout the 11-county Columbus Region. Our objectives are as follows:

To create the most competitive economic base in the United States.

To create the most diverse employment and tax base in the United States.

To create a seamless continuum of services for venture-backed start-ups and high-growth firms to scale within the Columbus Region.

To become the most prepared area in the United States for growth and investment.

To address business practices that impact career mobility, talent development, and business ownership.

To lead our peer regions and to be curious about best practices that we can apply locally.

To be internationally known as a premier location for business and careers.

Key industries

One Columbus specializes in assisting businesses that want to relocate or expand within the Columbus Region in the following key industries.

The Columbus Region’s smart mobility assets and convenient testing grounds provide the ideal environment for companies to innovate across both traditional manufacturing and new technologies.

From medical breakthroughs to cutting-edge technology, the Columbus Region is home to one of the most dynamic life sciences communities in the country.

Global banking institutions and financial technology companies continue to change the industry for the better from right here in the Columbus Region.

Some of the Columbus Region’s largest employers are part of the insurance and insurtech industry in the Columbus Region.

The Columbus Region is home to some of the world’s most recognizable retail and apparel brands that drive global innovation.

The Midwest welcomed a new and exciting industry when Intel chose the Columbus Region for a record-setting investment in its newest chip manufacturing site.

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Our team is on hand to help your business find its place in the Columbus Region. Together we’ll secure your growth and future in our thriving ecosystem.