A Short Season

November 26, 2012

A season, however short, is nothing to waste. Just as our beloved Buckeyes made use of what they could control-winning on the field and making good choices off of it-the One Columbus team, along with our wonderful allies, will use the holiday season to finish strong.

We’ll continue to achieve goals set at the beginning of our journey last January, we’ll conduct planning for next year, we’ll take time to enjoy what’s been accomplished and we’ll strengthen our bond as a team. The work we do this holiday season will set success in motion for 2013.

How will your team or community use the holiday season? Ideas welcome!

One Columbus Updates 

Our team returned from a productive trip to Dallas last week, having met with site consultants who are evaluating the Columbus market for potential investment.

Please join us December 7 for ED411, a half-day training session designed to help you gain a greater understanding of economic development. You can register here.

ED411 will be followed by the final One Columbus Investor Update of 2012.