What Would Make You Move to a City?

May 12, 2014

Massive demographic changes and a workplace centered around information technology and advanced skills have employers scratching their heads about where to source and build talent. Small and medium sized employers are especially affected, as they have to compete with larger companies and particularly attractive technology companies.

States and cities are working hard to attract skilled workers and retain their best and brightest. That has us wondering:

When it comes to the community you live in, what makes you stay? What would make you move to another city or state?

Is it reduced taxes? Exceptional healthcare or education? A thriving arts community? Professional sports? Great government? The opportunity to make positive impact? Job opportunities?

We’d like to hear from you. Please reply with your thoughts below.

Kenny McDonald

One Columbus Update

  • Last week, the One Columbus team hosted a project pipeline report for business development professionals. Thank you to those who attended, and to TechColumbus for hosting.
  • This week, our team will head to Asia where we will meet with companies and attend SelectUSA conferences in Japan and Korea. We will also be in California for meetings with companies and consultants.
  • The Columbus Region Logistics Council will host its semi-annual Logistics Job Fair at Columbus State Community College tomorrow. Click here for details including a list of participating employers.
  • Next week, our team will meet with companies and consultants throughout the West Coast and in the UK and Sweden.