Pushing Through

January 7, 2013

Mike Tyson used to say that everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.

On that note, economic prospects for 2013 are quite uncertain, with forecasts varying widely. What will the global economy throw our way?  What will disrupt us, what innovations will take hold and thrive, and what tactics will be required to take advantage of opportunities presented?

Our team has done its homework. We’ve planned our program of work and determined where we will invest time and resources to grow the economic base within the Columbus Region. We know that some tactics we’ve planned will change based on unique opportunities and others will have to be tabled, but our strategies for the year are straightforward:

  • Take care of business – consistently reach out to our economic base companies to learn about their issues and opportunities
  • Educate and inform – create awareness of the Columbus Region as a business location
  • Serve with excellence  – put our best foot forward by providing service to existing businesses and companies considering the Region
  • Invest in growth – recognize, support and promote companies with exceptional growth potential
  • Engage the community – leverage public and private leadership and resources, and fully utilize our region’s diversity

We’ll see what 2013 brings. While we are very optimistic, we know there will be times we’ll have to push through whatever comes our way. Let’s have a positive, productive year and enjoy the ride!