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An innovative and evolving community composed of multiple educational institutions and collaborative organizations, Marion County is a place where businesses can grow and families can prosper.

Marion County Snapshot

The county offers a safe community, affordable housing, recreation, arts, and virtually no commute time to the area’s largest employers.

County Contact:

Gus Comstock, CEcD

Marion CAN DO!


North of Columbus with through access to State Route 23


The county is home to 65,291 residents with a median age of 41.6

Notable City

Marion County’s key city is Marion

Notable Businesses

Whirlpool, Yachiyo, Andersen, Mennel, and Nucor

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Marion County’s students benefit from schools with top-rated and nationally recognized programs. Among these programs is RAMTEC, which is esteemed throughout the nation as a flagship school for robotics training.

Cities in Marion County

Top Employers in Marion County

Industry: Retail
Operation: Manufacturing
City: Marion
Industry: Automotive and Mobility
Operation: Manufacturing
City: Marion
Company Headquarters: Japan
Industry: Construction
Operation: Logistics and Distribution
City: Marion
Industry: Food and Beverages
Operation: Manufacturing
City: Caledonia
Industry: Food and Beverages
Operation: Manufacturing
City: Marion
Industry: Other
Operation: Manufacturing
City: Marion
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