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Home to Ohio’s capital city of Columbus, Franklin County is full of beautiful and historic old neighborhoods, sprawling metro parks, and top-ranked attractions. Some of the nation’s most successful companies drive this thriving economy.  

Franklin County Snapshot

With top colleges and 45.5% of the population holding an associate degree or higher, Franklin County is a hotbed of millennial talent hungry to contribute at innovative companies.

County Contact:

Jim Schimmer

Franklin County Economic Development and Planning


The center of the Columbus Region, near all major transportation hubs and through-access routes


The county is home to 1,321,414 residents with a median age of 34.2

Notable Cities

Franklin County’s key cities include Columbus, Dublin, New Albany, and Hilliard

Notable Businesses

Abercrombie & Fitch, Cardinal Health, Nationwide, and Worthington Enterprises

Franklin County is the epicenter of the state’s political, economic, and social presence. Its central location is the crossroads of major transportation routes, making it a strong candidate for both businesses and residents.

Meticulously restored older homes make up many of the county’s neighborhoods, giving Franklin County several gems to explore. For those seeking newer accommodations, the county’s growth has led to significant housing, condo, and apartment development. 

Cities in Franklin County

Top Employers in Franklin County

Industry: Retail
Operation: HQ
City: New Albany
Industry: Life Sciences
Operation: HQ
City: Dublin
Industry: Insurance and Insurtech
Operation: HQ
City: Columbus
Industry: Retail
Operation: Logistics and Distribution
City: Groveport
Industry: Other
Operation: HQ
City: Columbus
Industry: Automotive and Mobility
Operation: HQ
City: Columbus
Company Headquarters: Belgium
Columbus Ohio skyline


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