Boards and Investors

Numerous individuals and organizations invest in the prosperity of the Columbus Region. The Columbus Partnership and its family of organizations could not make the impact we do without the expertise of and support from our investors and board members.

Columbus Partnership

The Columbus Partnership makes an impact in the Columbus Region in part through the efforts of One Columbus and Smart Columbus. Together, the Partnership’s family of organizations works together to drive economic growth through targeted efforts in business development, economic development, and technology integration.

One Columbus Board

The One Columbus board of directors is composed of highly regarded private- and public-sector leaders who work together to help guide the Columbus Region’s economic growth.

One Columbus Investors

One Columbus’ success is made possible by the generosity of more than 300 public, private, and academic organizations who invest to support our unprecedented regional economic growth.

Smart Columbus Board

The Smart Columbus board of directors is comprised of a selection of experienced individuals committed to accelerating the future of mobility in the Columbus Region.

Columbus Ohio skyline


Our team is on hand to help your business find its place in the Columbus Region. Together we’ll secure your growth and future in our thriving ecosystem.