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Submit Photos

As part of Columbus 2020’s ongoing work to promote the Columbus Region, we feature images of the places, people and organizations that make our region an extraordinary place to live and do business. If you have imagery that we may use to showcase your location or organization in materials that tell the Columbus Region story, we welcome your submissions.

How does Columbus 2020 use photos?

Columbus 2020 features photos in promotional materials including our website, reports and publications, brochures and handouts that promote the Columbus Region.

Columbus 2020 also receives photo requests from members of the media. Photo requests for a purpose other than promoting the Columbus Region are denied. Columbus 2020 will not distribute your photos for resale or commercial purposes.

What do I need to know before I submit photos?

By submitting images to Columbus 2020, you allow us to use them in our materials and distribute them as noted above. Columbus 2020 does not guarantee that images submitted will be used.

Photos we use most often feature:

  • People at work
  • Regional assets
  • Regional landscapes and scenery
  • Geographical landmarks
  • Educational institutions
  • Corporations and businesses
  • Facilities and industry

If you have a photo credit that must be included with an image or other special instructions, please include them with your submissions.

In addition to print materials, your photos may appear online at By submitting images to Columbus 2020, you acknowledge that the Internet is accessible by the general public and low-resolution versions of your photos may be downloaded without our knowledge.

How do I submit photos?

We prefer high resolution images, at least 300 ppi, sent on CD or via an FTP site. We accept low resolution images (at least 72 dpi), but they have limited uses and cannot be used in printed materials.

Please send a photo CD or FTP download instructions to:
Diana Lolli
150 S. Front St., Suite 200
Columbus, OH 43215