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Stephanie Bosco, Project Management Specialist
Project Management Specialist

Stephanie Bosco

Business Development and Project Management

Role and Responsibilities

As economic development coordinator, Stephanie supports the project management team with a variety of tasks including database maintenance, proposal preparation and working with clients to guide them through application and approval processes. She also acts as the team’s Salesforce guru.

Stephanie has played a large role in organizing and implementing the well-regarded Economic Development 411, hosted by MODE and One Columbus.

Stephanie has a long history of working in customer-focused positions and working directly with the public. She’s also honed her skills working with many different industry-specific databases.

Past Experience and Education


  • Membership Coordinator, Columbus Chamber
  • Assistant Editor, SRA/McGraw-Hill
  • Vanpool Coordinator, Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission


  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Cincinnati

Board and Community Involvement


Why do you live in the Columbus Region?

Columbus is a vibrant capital region in a great state. I’ve been able to find a job I can be proud of, live in a neighborhood I feel safe in, within a school district I can’t wait to send my kids to, and meanwhile have the means and opportunity to experience plentiful dining and entertainment options. This is a region I have chosen to raise my family in—many of my friends and colleagues say the same thing.

Why do you work in economic development? 

One Columbus’s efforts contribute to the goal of creating more, better quality jobs which leads to a better quality of life for everyone in the Columbus Region. It can’t get better than that!