Watershed Distillery

Inspiring change and crafting exceptional spirits

When we set out to start a distillery we were inspired by everyone around us making Columbus an amazing place to live, work and raise a family. We wanted to be a part of it … to build something our community would be proud of and to make exceptional spirits. Watershed was created to celebrate the pursuit of dreams and the changes that help people and communities evolve. Firmly rooted in the belief that success doesn’t happen overnight and certainly doesn’t happen by chance, Watershed seeks to create and celebrate change within the community and beyond. We turned our back on convention, on expectation, on conformity and traded predictable and paychecks for passion and the pursuit of more. Refusing to believe that how it’s always been done is how it must be done forever more. We made jeans and a t-shirt the uniform of ambition and saw a desire to keep learning as a competitive edge.

For us, success isn’t dressed in a suit and isn’t measured financially but in outcomes, value and impact for our families, our employees, our customers and our community. The name Watershed is a reminder of how all these elements come together to help us craft exceptional spirits right here in Columbus.

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