SRI Ohio

Providing world-class decoration for consumer glass containers.

SRI Ohio

SRI Ohio Inc. is the A-team in the world of printing.

Each day, we produce 300,000 decorated glass containers of all shapes and sizes. From coating and acid etching to wrapping and screen printing, our work is seen on glass containers for customers in the spirits, beer, wine, cider, health and beauty, bottled water, beverage and glass making industries.

In 2010, we moved our facility to Lancaster—and with our machinery and equipment came 10 employees and their families. With a glass-making legacy, a commitment to the arts, and a welcoming population and business community alike, we knew the Columbus Region was the best place to call home.

Our team has since grown to 190 employees working across 11 production lines, research and development, a machining and tooling shop, and warehousing. We’re proud to call the Columbus Region home and look forward to continuing our growth in Lancaster.

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