Making car insurance better by combining modern technology with old-fashioned ethics

Hi! We’re Root. We’ve completely reimagined car insurance.

In 2015, we envisioned car insurance that was different. Better. Fairer. We wanted to make insurance that used modern technology to its fullest potential, but was also streamlined, beautiful, and simple. And we imagined insurance that was fully infused with old-fashioned Midwestern ethics, that looked at humans as individuals—not as faceless categories.

So we created Root.

Root is the first mobile-only insurance company and the first to give you a quote based primarily on how you drive. Just download the Root app, take a test drive and get a quote based on your driving patterns. It’s a completely different insurance experience: modern, simple and fair. In other words, it’s how car insurance should be.

And Root is proud to be born and built in Columbus, Ohio—a city that combines top-tier talent with business-friendly regulations and ample capital investment. There’s no better city to start an industry revolution and no better place to call home. We’re excited to help make our city the standard bearer for innovation and growth in the 21st century.

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