Making car insurance better by combining modern technology with old-fashioned ethics.


At Root, we’re doing this differently. We believe people who drive well should pay less for car insurance. Using technology in smartphones to measure driving behavior, our app lets us know who’s a safe driver and who isn’t. The entire Root experience lives in a simple, easy-to-use app.

We believe our members deserve insurance that is:

Fair. We lean on data, not demographic labels.
Affordable. We base rates on good driver performance.
Personal. We give our members the power to affect their rates.
Easy. We create an intuitive experience.
Accessible. We make information clear.
Beyond. We are never, ever satisfied with the status quo.

Our success is because of the hard work, ingenuity, and exceptional performance of our team. But we couldn’t do it without our capital investors looking to support local business in Columbus. There’s no better city to start an industry revolution and no better place to call home. We’re excited to help make Columbus the hub for innovation and growth.

Watch us form the insurance revolution at