Manufacturing flawless thermoplastic solutions for the world

Founded in 1950 in Columbus by Donald G. Dunn and family, Plaskolite is North America’s largest manufacturer of acrylic, polycarbonate, PETG and mirrored sheet. Plaskolite seeks out the most cutting-edge manufacturing processes in the industry to create flawless thermoplastic sheet. Our innovative products can be found in everyday applications such as windshields, lighting fixtures, display boxes, skylights, spas and just about every outdoor sign in the world.

Fueled by the incredible workforce, partnerships and innovation that Columbus offers, Plaskolite has evolved from its first successes manufacturing drinking straws, fly swatters and hula hoops out of its original, Joyce Avenue plant, to becoming a worldwide market leader with manufacturing locations around the world and a brand new headquarters, located in the historic Buggyworks Building in the Arena District.

While the company has witnessed the industry change drastically over the past seven decades, Plaskolite’s commitment to dedicated hands-on customer service and long-lasting customer relationships has not.

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