Heartland Bank

As Central Ohio’s Community Bank, Heartland Bank is One of Us!

As a founding investor in the One Columbus Regional Growth Strategy, locally-based Heartland Bank is proud to have maintained an active presence in Central Ohio since our founding in 1911.  With a unique style of service delivery that utilizes our entrepreneurial aptitude, it’s no surprise that we’ve adopted the slogan: “Where Banking Feels Good.”

Experts in commercial real estate, development, and small to medium business finance, we strive to help execute our client’s strategic priorities and provide creative banking solutions.  We are known for standing behind our clients when times get tough and providing our expertise with small business, agriculture and consumer banking, as well as planning and wealth management.

Central Ohio provides a diverse, booming market just waiting for us to embrace the opportunities. Banking is a business without boundaries and we are committed to reaching those who embrace the culture, convenience and character of Columbus!

For more information, visit Heartland.Bank today.