Pushing boundaries in material science to make the world a brighter place

Covestro is a global leader in developing high-tech polymer materials that push the boundaries of sustainability and innovation. Its advanced solutions are transformed into everyday products across a wide range of industries, such as automotive, building and construction, electronics and furniture. Covestro technologies help make cars lighter, buildings more energy-efficient and bridges more durable – all of which contribute to its vision of making the world a brighter place.

Covestro first established operations in the Columbus Region in 1979. What began with 20 employees and two extrusion lines has since grown into the company’s premier polycarbonate compounding facility in North America, as well as one of six Color Competence and Design Centers globally.

With its strong work ethic and geographic proximity to Covestro’s customer base, the Columbus Region was ideally suited for Covestro’s polycarbonate business. Today, its Hebron, Ohio facility produces polycarbonate products in more colors than any other Covestro manufacturing facility.

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