Coffman Media

Creating endless possibilities through digital signage solutions.

Coffman Media

Coffman Media, based in Dublin, OH, is a digital signage integrations company that uses digital signage and visual communication technologies help their clients in certain markets inform, educate, and entertain their audiences.

Some examples of those markets include healthcare, quick service restaurants, retail, corporate, and education. Coffman Media uses innovative hardware, software, and technology to provide customizable solutions that will impact that business in a positive way, whether by growth, sales, knowledge, or value.

For many reasons, Coffman Media calls the Columbus Region home. As the 14th largest city in the United States, Columbus has become the fastest growing region in the Midwest. The community boasts a collaborative environment with a very young and educated workforce. With affordable business costs, Columbus has a strong history of building up small companies to Fortune 500 companies.

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