City Barbeque

Smoking the city’s best barbeque, serving others, and creating happiness.

City Barbeque

In 1999, an award-winning barbeque competition team pooled their recipes, bought an old doughnut shop in Upper Arlington, and opened their own BBQ joint. Today, that original City Barbeque on Henderson Road is one of eight locations in Central Ohio and one of more than 30 across the country. We’ve grown from a team of five to a company of more than 1,100, all devoted to the craft of barbeque (with more than 100 certified barbeque judges on staff).

We believe that great barbeque is not just about food, but about community as well. It’s why we’ve stayed true to our roots, and you can still find our headquarters right here in Columbus. It’s why we partner with non-profits and local charities to give back about 10% of pre-tax profits every year, including hundreds of organizations right here in Central Ohio. And it’s why our commitment to investing in the communities we serve is one of our core values—has been right from the start, and that’ll never change.

The call for great barbeque extends beyond Columbus, so City Barbeque continues to grow. And while we’re proud to serve others and create happiness in new markets nationwide, we will always call Columbus home.

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