Chute Gerdeman

Designing breakthrough concepts for global retail and restaurant brands

Premier food, fashion, service and lifestyle brands must captivate their customers with ideal experiences at every touchpoint. Chute Gerdeman has been transforming the evolving retail and restaurant landscape since 1989. Widely recognized as a leading-edge experience design agency and trusted partner to many top brands, Chute Gerdeman’s multi-discipline team delivers business-focused market strategy, award-winning creative, and innovative media technology integration.

Highly-attuned to how today’s diverse consumers engage, explore, and purchase and burnishing a work portfolio spanning five continents, Chute Gerdeman has helped solidify the role of Columbus as a global center of excellence in the retail and foodservice sectors. Tapping into the Columbus Region’s deep pool of retail, brand, and design talent, the company has grown its business on active partnership with Ohio’s rich design education resources as well as professional expertise from around the globe.

From Fortune 100 clients to visionary start-ups, Chute Gerdeman continues to influence the global marketplace while the company’s roots grow deeper right here at home. Connect with your customer like never before by visiting to learn more.

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