Bold Penguin

Cutting the friction out of commercial insurance

Bold Penguin is an insurtech innovator from Columbus, Ohio that unites the fragmented commercial insurance market with the largest, most efficient commercial insurance Exchange. Built on a core belief that the trusted advisor is key to success, Bold Penguin’s unique, high-tech, high-touch solution breaks through the confusion and complexity of a market with enormous potential. The location of Bold Penguin’s headquarters was strategically chosen to be in one of the largest insurance hubs in the country, Columbus, Ohio.

With insurance around every corner and a startup-friendly culture, it was a no-brainer that Bold Penguin’s founders would choose to create an insurtech startup in Columbus. The city of Columbus and Bold Penguin are both growing rapidly, which increases the talent pool and draws top professionals from all over the country. All these factors are what drew Bold Penguin to Columbus, but what truly sets Columbus apart from the rest are the people.

Bold Penguin continues to grow, more than tripling in the past year, which is drawing top talent from all across the country to Columbus. Every year, Bold Penguin employees are finding better ways to help impact the local community. 2019 marked Bold Penguin’s first year completing the “Twelve Waddles for Charity” initiative where Bold Penguin employees volunteered at a new charity each month of the year. Whether it is drawing in top talent or volunteering to help the local community, Bold Penguin is a huge contributor to the continual support and growth of Columbus.

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