This Startup Wants To Make Zero-Emissions Portable Power A Thing

For Electrion, the bigger picture is how people view portable energy storage.

Jan 27, 2021 // By Jennifer Kite-Powell // Forbes

Electrion is developing zero emissions portable power.
Four Ohio State Engineering students formed a new portable energy company, Electrion to bring a zero-emissions portable power to market.

Electrion is a startup founded by four Ohio State engineering students who want to create a zero-emission option for portable power.

Anita Nti, CEO of Electrion, says that while portable power isn’t a new concept, the company wants to make it convenient and affordable for people looking for a zero-emission option for their portable power.

“Sure, today you can go buy a portable battery pack off-the-shelf, but most people will still turn to the gas generator because of the high cost of batteries, which cost three to five times more than an equivalent gas generator,” said Nti. “Our Energy Storage-as-a-Service (ESaaS) model is designed to accelerate the adoption of portable clean energy through a short-term rental model available in our app.”

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