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Striving to Perfect the Fundamentals

“When you do common things in life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world.”
-George Washington Carver

Doing things the right way matters. Doing things the right way, with distinction, builds a positive reputation. Doing things the right way, every time, is the difference between good and great.

What are the common things that you can control in your daily work?

How can you affect outcomes of important events, activities and meetings?

Have you checked and double checked everything that will be needed, asked or expected of you?

It is essential to be fully prepared, do your research and stay focused on objectives.

The Columbus 2020 team works to do these “common things in an uncommon way” every day. We succeed and fail every day. We’ll always keep striving, and hope you will too.

Let’s have a great week of serving business, community and each other.

-Kenny McDonald

Columbus 2020 Update

  • This week, the Columbus 2020 team is meeting with companies in China and will attend the Site Selectors Guild Annual Conference in Cincinnati.
  • Columbus 2020 investors are invited to join us for a very special Columbus 2020 Investor Update on April 12, featuring a keynote from best-selling author Tom Peters. Click here to learn more and register.