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Eric Phillips

Executive Director
Union County Economic Development Partnership

Eric Phillips has served as the Marysville/Union County Economic Development Director since February, 2001. The City of Marysville partners with the Union County Commissioners to provide economic development services to Marysville and Union County. Accordingly, Mr. Phillips serves as the Executive Director of the Community Improvement Corporation which is responsible for business retention and expansion, marketing, workforce development, and building civic infrastructure to support economic development. Mr. Phillips also serves as the Executive Director of the Marysville-Union County Port Authority which offers various financing structures for business expansion and retention projects.

Mr. Phillips is also involved in many regional organizations including the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) serving as Past Chair, Columbus 2020 Board of Directors serving as Secretary, and the Mid-Ohio Development Exchange (MODE) Board of Directors (Past President) serving as the Regional Economic Development Representative. In 2014, MORPC acknowledged his regional leadership recognizing him with the William H. Anderson Award for outstanding Board leadership.

Mr. Phillips works closely with various planning and engineering departments, communities, and organizations in promoting economic development. Over his 15-year stint, Mr. Phillips has led or closely involved with various programs and projects including two revisions to the community economic development strategy, adoption of a county-wide economic development incentive policy, development of a county wide bikeway plan, procurement of a jobs ready site, various grant awards exceeding $7M in value, implementation of a county-wide workforce strategy, and working closely with companies in the attraction and retention of jobs, payroll and investment. He also works cooperatively with the communities along the NW 33 Innovation Corridor including the recent completion of the Crossroads Area Plan, planning for the 33 Innovation Park, and fiber and smart mobility projects.