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The Economic Development Matters blog brings you the latest perspectives from Columbus 2020 President and CEO, Kenny McDonald. Check back every Monday for the latest, and subscribe by email here.


What’s Under the Hood?

One of the best things about being an economic development professional is that we get to meet with hundreds of... View Article


A Must Read

An insightful and fact-filled story appeared in the Washington Post this Friday. The incredible shrinking labor force, by Brad Plumer... View Article


Small Pieces – Loosely Joined

I recently attended a presentation at MIT where a technologist suggested a book called Small Pieces Loosely Joined by David... View Article


Who is relying on us to perform?

In a few weeks the Brookings Institute will visit the Columbus Region on a worldwide tour of some of the... View Article


A world of data in our backyard

According to the 2011 IDC Digital Universe Study the world’s collected information is doubling every two years. The on-demand, information... View Article


Remember Manufacturing?

We live in an on-demand economy. If we want something, and can generally afford it, it can probably be purchased... View Article


Connecting Places

The map of the world is constantly changing. History tells us that there is constant and evolutionary change caused by... View Article


It is not enough…

We all work hard and care about economic development because it is a way to create better quality of life... View Article


The Complete Package

There’s no good idea that can’t be improved on. Michael Eisner I’ve touched on workforce a lot lately because it... View Article


Harvesting Talent

Last week’s investor update focused on Ohio’s revamping of its workforce development/training system. The message – our system has become... View Article