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Columbus Region Population & Employment Statistics


2,214,630 Residents
36.3 Median Age
816,776 Households
$60,826 Median Household Income
Source: U.S. Census Bureau Population Estimates, 2018; U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey 5-year estimates, 2017
Source: EMSI, 2018

Columbus Region Largest Private Sector Employers

Company FTE Operations
JPMorgan Chase 20,316 Financial services back office, software development, card manufacturing, data center
Nationwide 12,862 HQ, software development, analytics, data center
Honda 11,077 North America HQ and R&D center, automotive assembly, testing
L Brands 8,616 HQ, distribution and fulfillment of apparel and beauty products, personal care manufacturing
Cardinal Health 5,075 HQ, distribution of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, radiopharmaceutical production
Huntington 4,921 Financial services HQ, software development, data center
Amazon 4,828 Amazon Web Services cloud data center, e-commerce fulfillment
American Electric Power Company 3,627 Utilities HQ, R&D, smart grid technology, transmissions, data center
Alliance Data Systems Corporation 3,000 Corporate and card services unit HQ, transactions processing, data center
TS Tech 2,992 North America HQ and R&D center, car seat and door and roof trim manufacturing
Source: One Columbus Facilities Database