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IT Happens Here

Columbus CEO magazine, in partnership with One Columbus, has profiled 14 tech and non-tech companies that use IT to drive innovation from the Columbus Region.

Company Profiles

  • Auditgraph Local med label company grows global with network connections —Read more

  • Battelle Tech leader adds to and benefits from the Region's knowledge base —Read more

  • Cardinal Health IT underscores all functions at global health products distributor —Read more

  • Columbus Collaboratory Corporate leaders share concerns and strategies to grow talent, know-how —Read more

  • IBM Columbus Region feeds technology giant's appetite for talent —Read more

  • ICC Consulting company helps business clients adopt digital efficiencies —Read more

  • Leading EDJE Geek-powered company goes deep with custom software solutions —Read more

  • Nationwide Children's Hospital Technology role grows in all facets of medical care for children —Read more

  • NCT Ventures Venture capital firm invests in Columbus Region tech talent —Read more

  • ORIS Intelligence Price-checking tech protects brands and sellers from unscrupulous sales —Read more

  • Pillar Technology Company innovates software solutions with marketing strategies —Read more

  • Signet Accel Data aggregator aids medical researchers as well as patients —Read more

  • T-CETRA Company helps wireless phone providers with back office services —Read more

  • Wiretap Tech firm helps clients track digital footprints and avoid missteps —Read more