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Columbus Global Connect


A Clear Plan to Drive FDI and Exports

Columbus Global Connect is a trade and investment plan to ensure that the Columbus Region has a central place in the world economy, with strong links to both established and emerging markets.

The plan is a result of the Columbus Region’s participation in the Global Cities Initiative (GCI), a joint project of the Brookings Institution and JPMorgan Chase, and the Global Cities Exchange. GCI aims to help the leaders of metropolitan America strengthen their regional economies by becoming more competitive in the global marketplace.

Columbus Global Connect Findings

Detailed market assessments for exports and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) were conducted using data from Brookings, One Columbus and other sources. That data was supplemented with information collected directly from companies in the Region, including 135 companies for the exports market assessment and 28 foreign-owned companies for the FDI market assessment.

Key Finding 1: Exports and FDI support high-quality job creation

Key Finding 2: The Columbus Region has underperformed in exports and FDI

Key Finding 3: Regional exports and FDI are concentrated by both market and industry

Key Finding 4: Mergers and acquisitions are a major source of FDI

Key Finding 5: Networks and relationships matter

Key Finding 6: Exporters and FDI companies face a range of business challenges

Key Finding 7: Fragmented service delivery limits export growth

Key Finding 8: Foreign Direct Investment often leads to exports in the long term

Key Finding 9: Companies are willing to engage around issues related to growth and competitiveness

Plan Objectives:

Become one of the top 25 metropolitan areas in export value by 2020 Increase FDI pipeline from 40 percent share of active projects to a 50 percent share by 2020
Generate 50 referrals annually to introduce current exporters and ready-to-export companies to export-related services Diversify FDI from 40 percent non-Japanese share of FDI announcements

Download the full report (PDF) for details on key findings, international business strategies and tactics, and the implementation plan.