Doing Business in the Columbus Region

Discover how lower costs, better market access and unrivaled talent can elevate your business.

Top-Ranked Business Climate

Our strong economy, prepared workforce and diversified industries make the Columbus Region the perfect place to start or expand a business.

Always Growing

No. 1 for population, job and GDP growth among the Midwest’s 10 largest metros

Good Neighbors

Home to 16 fortune 1000 headquarters

Innovation Incubator

No. 1 Rising City for Startups that has grown multiple unicorns

Global Community

Nearly 50 foreign countries have business operations in the Region

Lower Costs

Available and affordable real estate combined with top venture capital funds


No corporate income tax or property tax

Made for Business

The Columbus Region’s business advantages create real value for the organizations that reside here.

Operating ease: Competitively low startup and operating costs combined with our local and state pro-business tax policies help businesses realize real savings.

Real estate options: From large tracts of developable land to urban settings for offices, our vibrant real estate market offers more options for less capital than larger metros.

Made for People

The financial and geographic benefits of the Columbus Region are powerful, but our real strength lies in our people.

Employer-backed DEI: Our employers are serious about diversity, equity and inclusion, driving a region-wide culture that fosters equality.

Collaborative community: Businesses, community members and government in the Columbus Region believe in shared success—creating a nationally studied phenomenon that Harvard Research dubbed The Columbus Way.

Top Employers


Market Access

The Columbus Region’s location in the heart of the Midwest puts us within a one-day drive of 60% of the population of the U.S. and Canada. This gives our businesses the greatest possible access to their customers and suppliers. 


The cost of living in the Columbus Region is 10% below the national average, and our corporate-friendly economy makes doing business here even more cost effective. Both your budget and your employees will enjoy taking advantage of our lower costs.

One Columbus

One Columbus is the economic development organization for the 11-county Columbus Region. Committed to serving growing companies and ensuring the Columbus Region remains vibrant and economically healthy, One Columbus offers site selection services, workforce strategy support and international guidance to businesses seeking to join the Columbus Region community.

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One Columbus, the economic development organization for the 11-county Columbus Region, is on deck to help your business find its place here. Together we’ll secure your growing business’s future in our thriving business ecosystem.