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Arch Dhir
Project Manager, Global Trade and Investment

Archit Dhir

Business Development and Project Management

Role and Responsibilities

Arch works primarily with foreign-owned companies and to assist them through the site selection process. He assists the business development team with follow up on leads, the Columbus Region mergers and acquisitions network, project management, hosting international clients and planning international trade missions with local partners and companies.

Arch is also a core team member of Columbus Global Connect and is responsible for meeting with regional companies to understand their global sales strategies and connect them with export assistance resources at the local, state and federal levels.

Arch is multilingual and well-versed in cross-cultural communication and sensitivity.

Notable Projects 

Awards and Recognition

Certified Global Business Professional, NASBITE International, June 2016

Past Experience and Education

  • Clinical Management Intern, Otsuka Pharmaceuticals
  • Manager, Global Business Development and Client Engagement, Indian Ocean
  • Analyst, Grail Research


  • Master of Business Administration, The Ohio State University
  • Bachelor of Business Studies, University of Delhi
  • Diploma in French Studies, Centreinternational d’études pédagogiques

Board and Community Involvement

  • Volunteers, Columbus Council on World Affairs
  • Organizer, Columbus French Language Club
  • Member, Columbus International Program

Why do you live in the Columbus Region?

The Columbus Region has everything I want and need without the craziness of a city like New Delhi. This is an extremely friendly, multicultural and multilingual community that is very comfortable to live in.

Why do you work in economic development? 

Economic development challenges you to stay nimble, confident and assertive—and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I really enjoy that it presents a unique opportunity to connect with business leaders from diverse industries and geographies.