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Big Data in the Columbus Region

The Columbus Region has a unique data analytics landscape populated by dozens of businesses—from startups to mid-sized firms and corporate headquarters—across multiple industries.

Strong Talent Pipeline

The high-tech educations and innovative new ideas of more than 136,000 college students from nearly 60 campuses power the Columbus Region workforce.

Already home to more than 150 faculty working in data analytics, The Ohio State University has created a state-of-the-art data analytics program and undergraduate major. Majors specialize in biomedical informatics, business analytics or computational analytics in addition to core coursework.

"The Ohio State University and the talent pool that makes up the entire university was a great incentive for us to bring the IBM Client Center to the Region"

--Ron Lovell, Vice President, IBM

IBM logo

Innovative Operations

The Columbus Collaboratory is an advanced technology company focused on driving solutions in the areas of big data, analytics and cybersecurity. Bringing together a task force of member organizations — American Electric Power, Battelle, Cardinal Health, Huntington Bank, L Brands, Nationwide and OhioHealth.

The Collaboratory will address common technology challenges to create solutions that transcend industries, enhance operational efficiencies and improve service for customers.

IBM located its Client Center for Advanced Analytics in Columbus due to strong demand for data analytics services in the Region’s many retail, finance, insurance, logistics and manufacturing companies. The abundance of both entry level and experienced IT professionals also made the Columbus Region an obvious choice.

World-Leading Innovators

Companies all along the analytics chain and across industries thrive in the Columbus Region.

American Electric Power             X
Alliance Data Retail Services X X X X      
Aver     X X X X  
Battelle     X X X X X
Cardinal Health             X
Centric Consulting     X X X X  
CAS (Chemical Abstracts) X X X X      
ComResource   X X X      
CoverMyMeds     X X      
Crosschx X X       X  
Farsite       X   X  
Health Catalyst   X X   X    
IBM   X X X X X  
ICC (Information Control Company) X X X X X X  
Impact Radius       X      
Infoverity     X   X    
Intelligent ID       X      
L Brands             X
Manta X X          
Nationwide             X
Nationwide Children's Hospital X   X X X X  
Navigator Management Partners X X X X X X  
Neumeric Technologies     X X      
OCLC (Online Computer Library Center, Inc.)   X X        
OhioHealth             X
Paxata     X X      
Persistent Systems     X X X X  
Prevedere       X X X  
Prosper Business Development           X  
Saama Technologies     X        
Soothsayer Analytics     X X   X  

Generation (Gen.) - Capturing raw data from external sources and transmitting to storage
i.e. sensors, Internet monitoring, digital tracking, RFID
Storage - Aggregating data and adding metadata for rapid locating and access
i.e. structured/unstructured data warehousing, cloud-based server farms
Processing (Process.)  - Enabling capabilities that transform data into analyzable format
i.e. metadata sorting, matching and tagging, Hadoop
Analysis - Determining relevant findings out of optimized data based on user queries
i.e. data mining, sentiment monitoring, structured and unstructured algorithms
Interface - Turning analyzed data into digestible output for data consumer
i.e. data visualization, dashboards, manipulation tools, search engines
Interpretation (Interpret.) - Use of interface output for decision or pre-decision steps
i.e. data analyst/SME advisory, consulting services decision support
Collaboratory (Collab.) - Member of the Columbus Collaboratory

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Director, Columbus Region Logistics Council

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